Foster the People

Tell us what mark said when you met him!

I decided to answer this just in case you missed Sara explaining what went down with Mark on Saturday over The FTP show. Let’s see, we went up to the bus and saw him talking to some fans, signing stuff, doing his thing, so we just kind of stood behind them and waited for our turn. He finished what he was doing with them and then asked “Who hasn’t got a picture yet?” before looking right at us. We raised our hands and he waved us over so we got closer and went all in. Ashlyn took her photo, Sara took her photo and got her ticket signed, then Ashlyn handed him a dollar to sign. I then said “Mark, I would really love to talk to you about this project we’re trying to bring to life.” and he said “Yeah, sure, go ahead.” so I started while he was signing Ashlyn’s dollar and just began to explain what we were doing, how we planned on bringing back the local hero act and all that jazz. He stopped me and said “What’s your project called?” and I said “The Selfless Society Project.” He repeated the name and nodded so I continued. As soon as I said “We have this thing called the Downtown Mission where we plan to give back to those living on Skid Row and restoring that part of town as best as we can.” he lit up. That’s when we sort of knew we had his full cooperation. I finished explaining the project through it’s phases and he seemed really impressed with it before saying “I would love to get involved. This sounds really amazing, that Downtown mission count me in. I’m going to help any way I can.” and we were just over the moon. I told him immediately that we weren’t asking for money or for anything major, that his support was more than enough because his voice obviously has more power than all of ours combined and it could help us gain more supporters and do more. He agreed. We swapped contact info, thanked him for everything, and strolled down the driveway like happy little girls. Ashlyn then noticed he wrote “To Ashlyn, Mark Foster.” on her dollar which means he knew who we were the entire time (we had our suspicions during the concert with the amount of eye contact and interaction he was having with us but this confirmed it) and we found that hilarious and amazing. He really does remember every face he’s met.